Text by Gritt Klaasen, Review in Gelderlander,
September 2015
Exhibition catalogue, Eds. AfMB Berlin - September 2014
"Der inszenierte Körper "
Text by Harald Gnade - September 2014
Project East Side Gallery with Jim Avignon - documentary report by Arte "Mission Incognito" Berlin - October 2013
Report by Arte - Jim Avignon - Gritt Klaasen
"Seele-N-Kleid-Er" Kunst Magazin December 2012
Kunstmagazin - Gritt Klaasen
Ill. catalogue AfM Berlin - 2010,2011,2012,2013,2014
Katalog - Gritt Klaasen


How and in what way is the human related to animals and plants?
Various forms of the human body are explored.
They are fragmented, broken, divided, and joined anew shapes of various beings grown together
to become one of a same nature, focused on the expression of creatureliness.
It is a search for the evolutionary meaning of the body, a search for the mystery of sensual bodiliness.

Gritt Klaasen - October 2013